„Keeping an eye on the future, seeing where society and the economy are heading and aligning our clients with the demands of the future. That's what drives me.”

Silke Haubenreißer,
Lux Impuls

HR management

For over 25 years, we have been ensuring that our clients benefit from qualified employees in the areas of HR marketing and HR development. Trainees in industry, trade and commerce are especially close to our hearts. Attracting, retaining and promoting them for our clients are the end-goals of our holistic strategy. To achieve this, we identify trends in human resources management and adapt our measures accordingly.

We are all aware of the competition for talented young people and high-performing employees. In light of this, far-sighted human resources strategies are of great importance for companies. We support you in responding effectively to pressing challenges – from concept development to the implementation of measures from A to Z.

HR marketing:
Attracting young talent

Demographic change and digitalisation are changing entire industries. The search for young talent is becoming more and more demanding. The key here is to identify young talent at an early stage, address them in a way that is appropriate to the target group and know how to inspire them.

The decisive factor for long-term success is not quantity, but selecting the right measures. After all, sustainable human resouces marketing is more than just a campaign! We advise and support companies as well as associations.

Our work includes:

  • Employer Branding
  • Process management recruitment
  • Online information and communication tools

But also the "classics" such as

  • Cooperation with schools
  • Trade fair concepts and road shows
  • Programmes for underachieving pupils
  • Print media

HR development:
Successfully retaining and promoting employees

Every company depends on its employees’ skills and willingness to perform if it is to hold its own in the market. Employees who feel good, are appreciated and identify with their company are committed to their professional advancement and the company's goals. Small incentives are often enough.

Sample project:
Development of a young talent development programme

As early as the 1990s, we began to address the issue of promoting young talent. A major German trading company commissioned us to develop a comprehensive concept for informing and systematically approaching young people. The aim was to attract suitable applicants for apprenticeships. This concept was enhanced over the years and served to address and inform pupils in a multi-facetted way so that they could make an informed career choice. Teachers and parents were also included in the communication.

Soon, the focus shifted to the training itself. We developed competitions and additional qualifications to optimise the supervision of apprentices and to ensure the quality of the training.

Sample project: Strategically promoting the potential of apprentices – our step-by-step concept

In today's competition for the best skilled workers of tomorrow, it is no longer enough to recruit talented apprentices for the company. Looking after them during their training is at least as important if not more so. This includes building an emotional attachment to the company, giving feedback and providing early and individual support.

With suitable measures, we establish structured and motivating support for young people throughout the entire training cycle.

Sample project: Personality development programme for young leaders

A Jesuit priest and a lawyer discuss the topics of responsibility and labour law. Two very different perspectives emerge: one theological and one legal. The audience – young executives from a company – listens intently and joins in the discussion. They experience two walks of life that are not part of their everyday lives. "Open Your Mind" is the motto behind this concept. In our programme developed for young professionals, the focus is on dealing with topics from politics, science, society and art.

Programme for executives

The programme for executives is similar. The focus of the programme is on knowledge management and the further development of participants. Lectures and discussions on topics related to the company play a key role here.

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