„Spot on! Incredible customer proximity!
A great event with a lasting motivating effect for our team.”

Frank Feldhues,
Leiter Customer Contact Center,
ROYAL CANIN Tiernahrung GmbH & Co. KG

Lux Impuls – strategic and courageous

About us

We have been achieving success for over 25 years. Our goal is to develop people and companies and generate growth with strategic, innovative ideas that are built on the tried-and-tested. For our clients, we are thoughtful and forward-thinking companions and forces of momentum. They value us a courageous partner who can think strategically. A partner who speaks in clear, honest language and does not balk at taking the uncomfortable path for the long-term success of the company. Our consultancy services are fundamentally people-oriented. They aim to find individual, demand-oriented solutions and to implement them quickly. We attach great importance to loyal, constructive cooperation.


Commitment to the issues of today and tomorrow

A change of perspective and new ways of thinking are the drivers of change and progress –and the same goes for our team. Here at Lux Impuls, bringing together interdisciplinary skills and thinking outside the box is an intrinsic part of what we do. This is how our large network made up of reprensentatives from business, science, politics and civil society has developed over the years. In this environment, we maintain close dialogue and invest in our own projects and cooperations – new knowledge and ideas that we also bring to our clients.

Corporate and social responsibility

The guiding principle of responsible entrepreneurship shapes our consulting work and our day-to-day actions. In this sense, we as a company are committed in many ways.

Advocates for consideration

Appreciation, respect and trust are the foundations of our successful and holistic approach. Considerate interactions with our clients are just as important to us as they are within our team. They are an expression of our corporate culture and professionalism.


„Keeping an eye on the future, seeing where society and the economy are heading and aligning our clients with the demands of the future. That's what drives me.“

Silke Haubenreißer,
Managing Director LUX Impuls

Silke Haubenreißer
Managing Director LUX Impuls

Silke Haubenreißer

Co-Chair of the STEM Commission

Company Founder
Gerhard Lux 1959 - 2015

„Meeting objectives and achieving entrepreneurial success together with the customer with competence and joy – for me, there is nothing better in professional life.“

Gerhard Lux
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